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 Rackliffe's works with Napco, DSC and partnered with Alarm.comin order to provide a variety of security solutions for your home or business deterring criminals from breaking into your property. We offer 24/7 UL monitoring through our central station too notify authorities and key call list personal. We Monitor for Burglary, Panic, High / Low Temp, Flood, Medical. 

Connected Security

 By combining secure communication and innovative technology, your system is engineered to withstand vulnerabilities.

Dedicated Cellular Connection: Reliable, secure communications. No phone line required.
Tamper Resistant: Works if the phone is cut, the internet is down, or the power goes out.
Mobile App: Control your home no matter where you are with one, easy to use mobile app.
Crash & Smash™ Protection: A Security System for Your Security System™, this service keeps your system working, even if the security panel is damaged. 

Always Aware

 Knowing what's going on at home is the next best thing to being there.

Instant Alerts: Get an alert delivered to your phone no matter where you are.
Monitoring When Disarmed: Get notified of what matters to you whether or not the system is armed.
Personalized User Codes: know who is coming and going. 

Smart Automation

 Stay safe and comfortable with a system that adapts to your needs.

Rules: Create custom rules to automate your home.
Scenes: Set the perfect environment with the click of a button.
Geo-Services: Automatically change settings and get notifications, based on your location.
Unexpected Activity: Your system can learn your normal routine and alert you when something out-of-the-ordinary occurs.  

Professional Grade

 As an Authorized Partner, we deliver the ultimate in home security.

Expert Security Services: Installed and supported by our team of experienced security professionals.
24/7 Emergency Response: A licensed central station ensures Professional response in case of emergency.  

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